Wellness & Spa Tour

As a destination SPA & Wellness centre in Romania, Cluj, SunGarden Golf & SPA Resort unveil a safe environment to follow both simple and complex procedures.  

As a destination SPA & Wellness centre in Romania, Cluj, SunGarden Golf & SPA Resort unveils a safe environment to follow both simple and complex procedures. Should you live at a walking distance from the Resort or should you be a dedicated guest for SPA & Wellness services, you can enjoy the benefits of therapies, treatments and cures.

SunGarden SPA & Wellness facilities are designed to make you reconnect with your senses. It is an oasis of peace and relaxation, in the middle of natural scenery.


The Wellness & Spa center is open from 10:00-22:00 pm throughout the year.
(Monday access 12:00-22:00).

Resort guests will have access to the swimming pool and Aqua Experience facilities from 08:00 am, except for Mondays when the special schedule is respected.

* It is forbidden for children under 14 years of age to enter the Wellness & SPA area!

** Prices shown for access from Monday through Thursday, do not apply in legal holidays, religious holiday and other (ex: 8 March, Valentine’s day, Halloween, etc).
In these cases, access prices are determinated by the Friday-Sunday period.

***The bookings are mandatory.

The indoor pool with hydromasage

A must-have for total relaxation. At SunGarden Golf & SPA Resort, the indoor pool is illuminated by natural and artificial light. You can relax and tone the muscles in a tempting water temperature of 29 ° C.

The fitness center

The right choice to stay in shape. A properly equipped gym is here to help you keep your tone or get the body shape you want. Exercise daily cleanses and revitalizes the mind body.


It’s a classic warm room with ancient Roman baths. Heated mosaic loungers with a gentle detoxifying effect. The process is completed by color and sound therapy.

Turkish bath

One of the most recognized Spa facility star. Hot steam, essential oils which emanate at a temperature of 50-55 ° C and high humidity (80-90%) have a purifying effect on your body.

Outdoor saltwater

With 25% salinity, it is the healthiest choice for respiratory and skin purifying treatment. It is also highly recommended for sensitive skin types because it is a non-allergenic.

Infrared Sauna

This is a relatively new therapeutic discovery. The body is directly heated by infrared waves, without increasing the room temperature, releasing systemic toxins.


It is one of the newest wellness environments. It stimulates the senses through the following effects: Classic shower, tropical, cold mist, aromatherapy, color therapy and hydromassage.

Treatment and beauty area

The centerpiece of our wellness center. Therapists and professional masseurs are ready to recommend and implement personalized treatments. The massages and treatments menu is intended for all ages, body tone and skin type.

Spa & Lobby Lounge

A tasty way to pamper yourself. While you take the SPA & Wellness program, nutrition also comes with its package. Natural refreshments and tea varieties that complements the relaxing and healthy food menu.

Ancient Fireplace

It is a time machine, because the warmth of the fireplaces, will certainly carry you on wings of time in a prehistoric era.

Aroma Sauna

The sauna offers relaxation, not only for the body, but also for the olfactory sense. Cedar wood on which it is made (called the tree pharmacist), it releases fragrant volatile substances that destroy viruses and bacteria.

Relaxing Mystic Volcano

A quiet area in which we let ourselves carried away by the magic of the volcano, in the world of dreams, is also an area where silence is mandatory.

Hammam – Exclusive Rituals

Hammam or Turkish bath, is a beautifully decorated room with colorful oriental mosaic. This is an ancestral beauty and a body strengthening ritual.
This bubble bath enriched with Argan oil, deep cleanses the skin, leaving it smooth and soft to the touch.

Salt Sauna

Salt sauna combines the advantages of a salt mine with those of saunas. Inhalation of salt ions treats the following conditions: diseases of the respiratory system – asthma, chronic bronchitis, sinusitis and pneumonia, chronic cough, ear infection.

Bio Sauna

The Bio Sauna is more enjoyable and more comfortable than traditional saunas. Even if it is a high humidity sauna, it does not attract high temperatures.

Finnish Sauna

The temperature can reach 90-100 ° C. Since our body cannot tolerate a temperature greater than 42 ° C, it auto increases dilatation of the pores and skin perspiration, losing excess heat as quickly as possible.

Ice Fountain

Sauna sessions last no more than 15 minutes, and is recommended to be followed by cooling bath in a cold water pool, a cold shower or even the ice fountain fits nicely between these saunas.

Scottish Shower

You can also cool in numerous mysterious showers present at every corner . A unique feeling, is offered by the Scottish shower that brings many benefits and energize you with a fast jet of cold water that flows directly from the cask.

The Cold Pool

We invite you to cool off. Hot sauna sessions alternated with short baths in the cold pool. It is beneficial for skin and circulation.

Water Tavern

Water Tavern is an area where we can read a book or play a society game near the warm fireplace or you can enjoy a dip in the pool with interesting ancient stones, Jacuzzi and waterfall.

Special offers

We have a lot of special offers and packages for you and your family!

“ Came here visiting from the states and was given an ultimate experience that you only find at the highest quality of resorts in the United States. This place is a great getaway for a relaxing weekend away from the normal stresses of life. Five stars for sure! ”

— Ruben

“ Everything is just so perfect ...food, spa, staff, the pool area ...love this place ”

— Krisztina