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A trip for relaxation and self-discovery!

SunGarden Wellness & Spa invites you into an Edenic space, out of time, away from the stress and worries. Stylish, elegant, intimate, perfectly complements the natural beauty of
the surroundings and creates a sanctuary of well being.

Rules & Etiquette ,
SunGarden Wellness & Spa is a special environment.

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Rules & Etiquette

General Policies

SunGarden Wellness & Spa is a special environment.
It is forbidden for children under 14 yearsof age to enter the area Wellness & SPA !

Amedeea Paradise is an adult environment.
Minimum age for the use of Amedeea Paradise spa facilities and services is 16.
All prices are subject to change without prior notice. If you are a guest of the resort, we advise you to leave all personal belongings in the hotel room.
Please do not wear jewellery during your spa service. SunGarden Wellness & Spa is a non-smoking facility. There are smoking rooms outside the facility, on the Aqua Experience terrace.
The visitation of the centre is made under the authorized personnel’s guidance when the circumstances allow it without affecting the comfort of the guests inside the premises.

The Sound of Silence

In order to maintain an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, SunGarden Wellness & Spa is an environment that does not encourage the use of mobile phones. Please turn off all cell phones before entering the spa. Please speak in a low voice in the spa, especially in waiting areas and treatment area.

Dress Code

The guests accommodated in the resort will come to the Spa Reception with the robe and slippers provided in the room.
For non-residents, SunGarden Spa provides bathrobes and towels during each spa visit. For access to the pool and wet areas, all guests need to have a swimsuits and flip-flops. If necessary, we’ll ensure the sale of Spa items (swimsuits, flip-flops). If you plan to exercise at the gym, you have to use your own training clothing and footwear.
During spa services, body parts that are not involved will be covered. If you feel comfortable you can wear underwear, so you can relax and enjoy your spa service.

Spa Hours

The Wellness & Spa Center is open between 10:00 – 21:00 all time of the year.
Guests will have access to the resort swimming pool and Aqua Experience facilities from 10:00.
Last access will be made with at least one hour before closing.
Later hours, upon request, extra charged.
Full Wellness Facility Day Pass includes use of Changing rooms, Fitness Room, Aqua Experience Area and Amedeea Paradise.
Half Wellness Facility Day Pass includes use of Changing rooms, Fitness Room and Aqua Experience Area Half Wellness Facility Day Pass fee is included in room rates for resort guests.
Non-resort guests may acquire a voucher from Spa Reception.
If you have spa treatments in the Therapy Area without using the wellness facilities,
you will pay only for the service.

Spa Therapy Appointment

To avoid overcrowding, booking is mandatory, at least 24 hours prior to your arrival in the resort. Upon check-in, reconfirm the spa program for all your stay.


Please arrive approximately 10 minutes before your first spa session or before your appointment at the therapy room. Please note that each program is very well calculated, and that a late arrival may cause a change in your service. In order to meet the following schedule your service will end at the scheduled time.

The End of the Therapy

After the therapy, you get a 5 minute recovery and relaxation time. After this time, you have to leave the therapy room, in order to restore the standard to meet the next customer.

Cancellation Policy

If you must cancel or change your spa reservation, please let us know at least four hours before the scheduled time to avoid a cancellation fee. For package cancellations we need 24 hours’ notice before.
All no-shows will be charged the full price of service. For changes and cancellations please call (direct call) to +40 (0)735-888.001

Comfort and Confidentiality

Our employees are both female and male. All staff was trained to respect the customers’ privacy. If you have a request for either a male or female massage therapist, please make it known when booking. If you do not state a preference, you’ll get booked with the first therapist available, whether male or female.

Spa Lounge

The serving of specific spa menus will be in the area with tables and chairs, called Spa Lounge.
At the poolside only drinks listed in the menu will be served. There are non-alcoholic drinks served, only champagne and wine in limited quantities. We do not welcome access with food and drinks
(water, juice etc…) brought from outside.
Spa Boutique

Spa products, gift items and gift vouchers, swim suites, flip-flops and many other items are available in our Spa Boutique. Please contact with any questions you may have: +40 (0)735-888.001

Missing Objects

We are not responsible for the loss of personal items. We advise you to leave valuable objects in the room safe or entrust them to the Hotel or Spa Reception.

Important to you

To prevent skin irritation, women should avoid any type of hair removal treatments before.
Please inform your therapist of any inflammation of joints or muscles. We recommend only one heat treatment per day. Pregnant women and people with heart disease or varicose veins should avoid all heat treatments, steam, sauna and jacuzzi area. It is recommended you take a shower before any treatment.
Following any of our treatments, it is important that you rest and avoid vigorous activity for at least one hour. Please drink plenty of water before and especially after exercise and all spa treatments.
Guests should inform their therapist on any medication they take. Also it is necessary to have a clear and honest communication with your therapist. We suggest you express your wishes regarding your treatment and require all the information about the therapy you benefit from, so that you receive a personalized service.

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