Golf Academy

As Cluj-Napoca is a major academic centre, hosting elite universities and educational institutions,
SunGarden Golf Academy is designed to attract, serve and train new golf talent.
It promotes golf as a friendly and accessible sport that trains your
precision skills and strategy capabilities.

SunGarden Golf Academy’s objectives are to establish strategic partnerships with institutions and organizations in the field of education and sport, to create a new pool of golf players in Transylvania, Romania and to recruit young talented golf players.


The golf curricula comprises a complete training cycle for golf players: from getting to know and to handle the golf equipment, the correct hold and grip of the golf club, the short and long distance strokes, the rules of the game and the golf etiquette, learning the complete 9 or 18 hole game, and up until the participation in golf competitions.
Units available for the program are: the 9 hole golf course and the indoor golf simulator.
In order to promote the beauty of this sport among the public around the region, the packages proposed through the SunGarden Golf Academy are customized and target all age groups: both juniors and seniors. The equipment is made available by the Club, and partner institutions benefit from special packages.

Individual adult session : 100 lei/hour + chips
Children session (up to 18 years): 80 lei/hour + chips
Family sessions: 1 adult + 1 child (joint session) – 150 lei/hour + chips
Family sessions: 2 adults + 1 child (joint session) – 220 lei/ hour + chips
Family sessions: 1 adult + 2 children (joint session) – 200 lei/hour + chips
Adult package 10 sessions: 1.000 lei + 1 hour bonus + chips
Children Package 10 sessions: 800 lei + 1 hour bonus + chips

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Details & Reservations:
Hotel Reception: [email protected]/ 0735 888 000
Golf Manager: [email protected]/ 0742882205

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