Golf is more than a game, it's a lifestyle

Spread around the Deer Meadow, in the famous Baciu Forrest, this sporty short course truly embraces the offering of the land. The holes are diverse in style and setting. 

Rules & Etiquette ,
The golf games on the SunGarden Golf Course are subject to the rules of the EGA (European Golf Association).

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The golf games on the SunGarden Golf Course are subject to the rules of the EGA (European Golf Association).


Play on the SunGarden Golf Course is governed by the rules of the EGA (European Golf Association).Following these rules and etiquette we aim to enjoy the game at its best. The essence is to show consideration to others on the course at all times.

Discipline, courtesy and sportsmanship at all times describe the spirit of the game of golf. Safety, playing order, correct scoring and adequate pace of play make the game a joyful experience and an expression of sportive elegance.

Care for the course and rented equipment is another major aspect. For this golf players must revise their own equipment and follow each course’s specific set of rules.

Physical and verbal aggression on the golf course is strictly forbidden. If this rule is violated, the person will be warned in writing!

Lack of an updated Bag Tag’s is sanctioned and the player will be warned in writing.

Pets access on the golf course is forbidden.

When the golf player reaches the third written warning, the right to become a golf member at SunGarden Golf Club for next year, will be restricted.

Un repairing the Pitch Marker divot can lead to player’s penalty with 50 Ron.

Non member players entry on the field, without paying a green fee site is strictly forbidden. If they are accompanied by a member, he will bear the consequences of the Board of Directors judgment.

Playing around with Range balls is strictly forbidden and may result with player penalty such as no golf course acces for a defined period (1-5 weeks).

Golf course access is allowed only for players who already have a handicap (36), released by one of the golf clubs they are/ were members.
Golf course access is allowed only for players with certificate from a golf club, stating that they have at least 10 lessons with an instructor.
Players with minimum 6 hours lessons, are allowed on golf course only if accompanied the authorized instructor of  SunGarden Club, Mr. Vincent Kelly. Golfers will have to sign a confirmation of acknowledging the operating rules of the Golf Club, before before entering the golf course.

Last but not least, as for any other sport, breaching the rules attracts according penalties. Play prohibition for a specific time or restriction from several competitions are such examples. Everything is done in order to protect the interest of the majority of golfers wishing to abide the agreed Rules.
The golfer is responsible for all damage caused by his fault anywhere inside the SunGarden Resort domain.

„Golf is not a Game of the Great Shots,
It’s a Game of the Most Misses,
The People who Win make the Smallest Mistakes!” Gene Littler.

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