SunGarden Spa Lounge promote a regime and a healthy lifestyle.
We welcome you with fresh and tasty recepies served with delicious refreshing drinks.

It is a friendly place for SPA guests with a welcoming atmosphere, relaxing and where you can supplement your diet with delicious dishes.
Spa Lounge hosts unique moments and special occasions for its customers.

Sophistication and joie are celebrated with chill-out music and exciting flavors.
This intimate place offers a good way to make friends with other people but also to rebalance yourself.

Spa Lounge: a taste of pampering. While you take the SPA & Wellness program, nutrition also comes with its package. Natural sodas, teas, complements the relaxing and healthy food menu.

Spend a moment of happiness, enjoy music, breathe deeply and relax.
Sample Spa menu preparations at your next visit.

Book your place at:
• SPA & Wellness Reception: +40 735 888 001
• SPA & Wellness Department: [email protected]

Special offers

We have a lot of special offers and packages for you and your family!