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SunGarden Golf&SPA Resort is just 10 minutes away from the capital city Cluj-Napoca, in the middle of the Baciu Forrest.

As a seasoned traveller or a simple visitor you will find Romania as a European treasure. Balanced scenery brings together the mighty Carpathian Mountains, the colourful hills and plateaus, the lowlands and the fast rivers. The graceful Danube River flows into the Black Sea forming the fascinating Danube Delta.

Transylvania (“Siebenbürgen” in German; “Erdély” in Hungarian) is a historical province of Romania, well-known for its vampire legends, for its fascinating tales and for its splendid landscape. Deploying an eventful history, Transylvania is today a multicultural region hosting multiple ethnics (Romanians, Hungarians, Germans and Serbs) and major cities of Romania.

Cluj County lies in the middle of Transylvania region. Its capital city, Cluj-Napoca (“Klausenburg” in German, “Kolozsvár” in Hungarian), is an ancient roman “castrum” (“Castrum Clus” / “Claudiopolis”) built on a pre-roman settlement (“Napoca”), a major university center and the 2nd most populous city of Romania. Cluj offers the curious mind multiple options: exploring the mountains, the historical centres, the alluring salt mines, the gorges and the local cultures and legends.

Transylvania region and Cluj County enchant travellers by its legends. SunGarden Golf & SPA Resort is surrounded by all types of legends and our team will be happy to share them with you.

The historical legends of the Dacian tribes, of the Roman Emperors, of the “timber valley”, of Matthias Corvinus, of Baba Novac, Avram Iancu and other prominent figures have put their mark on the region. We must also mention the notable tales that have arisen from the old castles and noble residences.

The natural legends such as rare flora and fauna species have also spread the name of the region. The Venus’s slippers (calypso orchid) or the Iris reservations are symbols of Cluj area. You may visit the botanical garden of Cluj-Napoca or the Natural Reservations from Apuseni Mountains.

The contemporary legends impersonated by movie and music stars, royal and notable figures of the local and European culture are also part of the region’s attractiveness. Depending on the season you arrive at SunGarden Golf & SPA Resort, you will be able to attend interesting cultural events.

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