Membership at SunGarden Golf Club in Cluj provides full access to
the SunGarden Golf Course.

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  • Regular Member

    House members

    3600 lei

  • Family Member

    House members

    1800 lei

  • Young Adults

    House members

    1800 lei

  • Junior

    House members


  • Remote Member

    Members distance ( over 100 km from Cluj -Napoca )

    1800 lei

Those living in Cluj-Napoca, even  if the residence falls within one of the above distances, fit the category of Regular Member, or where appropriate the category of  Family Member.

Family Membership may be obtained by members for their spouses or dependent children until they reach 18 years of age.

The quality of the Remote Member is available for those members who reside more than 100 km away from Cluj-Napoca.

Members have the privilege to bring a guest, once a month, who will benefit from a 50% Green Fee discount.

Members benefit from a 20% discount on SunGarden Golf & SPA Resort services: accommodation, restaurant, spa.

Request your membership now at the following contact details:

Resort Reception: +40 735 888 000 /